Eba Mining, was established in 2011. The Nero Picasso in Kirşehir quarry companies entered the sector in a short time Nero Picasso participating in various exhibitions in the world has managed to put between the most-wanted marble.

Domestic and overseas participated in many exhibitions in Abu Mining Nero Picasso attended every fair has managed to draw attention to a very important project and for use in different countries was issued.

Towards the end of 2013, our company reorganizations, Nero Picasso did in the quarry as a result of R & D with different cutting techniques Nero Picasso’s produce different versions. “Line and Gold” Nero as Picasso Exclusive products are produced.

Travertine, Bursa Beige Beige and Sofita entries sale products that our company produces and engineering studies will continue to increase.

Nero Picasso Abu Mining 2014 target to make a brand known the world over and become permanent in the arena Cross-National has set up.