Nero Picasso

In 2010 we opened in Kirşehir Nero Picasso marble quarry is working for one of the world’s most exclusive stones. The amazing blend of Black and White. Perfect harmony and wonderful patterns.

Nero Picasso has been used in many great projects around the world. London, Dubai and used in many projects in China, the latest in Turkey Flat Nero Picasso Deluxia Palace was used.


Spider Beige Marble

Established in 2013 in Bilecik Harmanköy our quarry Spider Beige Beige marble with the special case ‘i are producing. On a soft beige and soft brown veins that you can apply all over the marble of the project. Marble durability and density values ​​are quite high for us to buy at affordable prices please contact us.

Yozgat Traverten

Our services began to Yozgat in yellow travertine Travertine quarry produce. Foam honey in color Travertine area close to all your applications can use easily. We prepare our move in desired sizes Mersin Port Delivery are working in overseas sales.

Kırşehir Nero Picasso

Nero Picasso & Gray Picasso



KIRSEHIR over 1500 tons per month in our quarry production is made.


At least 4 days per week depending on the weather conditions are studied.

Machine Track

Many of our quarry recently received include 13 vehicles.


Nero Picasso marble is applied in the world’s most prestigious projects. Participated intense interest in all fairs are collected.

Bilecik Harmanköy

Spider Beige Mine


Harmanköy our quarry produces over 2000 tons per month are performed.


24 hours 7 days in Harmanköy our quarry work continues.

Machine Track

Many of our quarry recently received include 21 vehicles.


Despite the recent opening of our quarry Spider Beige Near and Far East are actively exporting.