2014 Natural Stone Trade

2014 in June, held in Istanbul Natural Stone in 2014 participating in the EBA Mining Nero Picasso’s new selection with Luna and Gold versions launch yapmıştır.yurt player from abroad, many visitors to our booth about our new products great interest showed ..

6. Uluslararası Marble Trade

In 2011, at the 6th International Marble Fair Nero Picasso’s first launch was made ​​and insights of great interest. Trade, along with “Nero Picasso” The greater demand for time continues.

Marble Fair 2012 İzmir

At the fair held in Izmir in 2012, our company produces the most attractive natural stone that has been Nero Picasso. After this exhibition we shipments Europe and the Far East was serious.


Eba AS, Turkey’s largest natural stone fair, CNR EXPO 2012 ‘joining to collect all the attention was still on. During the fair, especially from Europe attracted the most attention of importers of natural stone is still Displaced Nero Picasso.

2012 Dubai Natural Stone

EBA local fairs as well as participated in international fairs abroad, Inc. and has been appreciated. Fair in Dubai in the wake of “Nero Picasso” or can also come in a very special project.