International Experience

EBA Mining, has proven itself in the international arena, in many countries of the world are actively Nero Picasso’s different precious stones, as well as exporting mining company.

Nobility Obliges

Nero Picasso, you can see on the world of natural stone is one of the most special. Perfect harmony with incredible patterns and practices that made ​​the difference and quality to every project has added.

5 Different Selection

Kırşehir produced in five different varieties include Nero Picasso. Each version carries a different beauty and mystery. Qatar, China, Amsterdam and London were preferred in a very large project.

Wide Usage Area

Nero Picasso most important difference that makes it special is that there is a part where the particular implementation. With unique patterns and structures that will be used in all areas of any project is a natural stone.

Nero Picasso’s Properties

Durable, strong and noble

Natural Stone 2014 Istanbul
Nero Picasso marble is one of the most special in the world. Only Kırşeheh our quarry to their counterparts in the different characteristics of those rare marble were also outclassed. Here below some features of Nero Picasso

Nero durable construction for many years with Picasso on the first day you will reflect the vitality and shine.

Patterns and amazing image will provide you with an eye-catching harmony.

Structure that can be produced in any size.